Plot 2&3 Water Corporation Road VI Lagos


100 Exhibitors


10,000 Visitors


30 Professional Speakers

The Largest Agribusiness Show in West Africa

The West Africa Agribusiness Show is an annual exhibition which will provide a practical platform for the convergence of cutting-edge ideas, innovations, solutions, systems, standards and know-hows in the agribusiness sector which are essential for the revolution of food production in Africa.

West Africa Agribusiness Show would bring together manufacturers, suppliers, policy makers, regional governments, regulators, financial institutions, innovators and consumers in the agribusiness industry from the 15 member countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and across the globe. It will also facilitate development of innovative ideas, solutions and know-hows as spring boards for the West Africa Agribusiness Industry to a competitive position in the World.

Considering the current unprecedented effects of COVID-19, many businesses including the Agribusiness sector; are facing tough decisions around business continuity and uncertain that they can successfully navigate their way through these times.

However, in the midst of the confusion, there are also growth opportunities to be explored.

The West Africa Agribusiness Show (WAAS) organizes a monthly free webinar to educate the players in the Agribusiness sector and general public on how to survive the present situation. Area of concentrations are operational and financial strategies, mitigation strategies for the impact of the pandemic, importance of Data Analytics in Agribusiness and other various topics.

Join Agribusiness leaders discussing and analyzing how Agribusiness companies can thrive amidst of the present crisis.

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West Africa Agribusiness Show

West Africa Agribusiness Show

West Africa Agribusiness Show

West Africa Agribusiness Show


West Africa (also known as Western Africa) consists of 16 countries covering a total area of approximately 1,973,103 square miles (5,112,903km2) with a population of about 381,981,000. The Region is known for its diversity of cultures yet exhibits striking similarities in food, clothing, religion and music. Fifteen countries in this region are members of the economic community of West African states. This will be our focus on WAAS.

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Event Location

Landmark Center
Plot 2 and 3 Water Corporation Road,
Victoria Island Annex
Lagos Nigeria

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